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Incorporation, Compliance & Licensing

Ranieri Law provides a complete range of business and commercial law services to clients from start-ups and entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.


Our firm offers innovative, strategic and dynamic solutions to its business clients in a timely and efficient manner. We advise on expansion and protection, as well as compliance.

Ranieri Law assists businesses with:


  • Advice and counsel on business structuring

  • Incorporation and business searches

  • Shareholder and partnership agreements 

  • Corporate governance

  • General counsel services 

  • Negotiating business transactions 

  • Licensing and other commercial agreements 


Negotiations, Contracts & Endorsements

Ranieri Law provides entertainment and media services to clients in the music, film, television, art, publishing, advertising and marketing industries. This includes artists, writers, directors, producers and personalities, as well as record labels, studios, financiers and advertising agencies.

Our firm assists clients in structuring deals and optimizing relations within the industry, including negotiating and drafting talent agreements and dealing with guilds and unions.

Ranieri Law delivers the following transactional work in a skilled, professional and efficient manner:


  • Advice and counsel on copyright law 

  • Copyright registration 

  • Negotiating and drafting licenses and assignments

  • Copyright clearances 

  • Rights negotiation

  • Talent agreements 

  • Recording, publishing and artist management agreements 

  • Acquisition and production agreements 

  • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements

  • Independent contractor and consulting agreements 

  • Advertising and marketing (including sponsorships, endorsements and influencer agreements) 

  • Rights of publicity/privacy issues 

  • Digital and social media issues, including takedowns and other complaint mechanisms  

Brand Management, Protection & Expansion

Ranieri Law advises brands on the management, protection and enforcement of various intellectual properties. This includes anti-counterfeiting initiatives, licensing and expansion services.

Our firm understands the requirements and investments of protecting a client’s brand and business needs to promote the latest developments in the intellectual property arena in order to maximize profits.

Ranieri Law embraces a culture of innovation and will deliver the following:

  • “Knock-out” and comprehensive clearance searches 

  • Strategic portfolio management and enforcement 

  • Trademark applications 

  • Response to Office Actions

  • Trademark renewals

  • Drafting and negotiating license agreements 

  • IP assignments 

  • Settlement, consent and co-existence agreements 

  • Watch notices and takedown services 

  • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements

  • Domain name registrations and disputes 

  • Trade secret/confidential information protection




Witnessing, Oaths & Affidavits

Ranieri Law provides professional, affordable and convenient notary and commissioning services in-person and remotely. This allows our clients to securely and easily receive their documents without leaving their homes or offices. Our firm offers a full range of notary and commissioning services, including witnessing documents, certifying true copies, taking affidavits, as well as administering oaths, affirmations and declarations.

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